It’s not me, it’s you

Doers, creators, designers, tutors, advisers, listeners, punch bags, strategists, writers, method makers, processors, illustrators, researchers, source of inspirations, energy creators and more.

We design for the brief, not for our portfolio. This may sound like an obvious thing to say, but experience has taught us here that it can be easy to fall into the trap of ‘blueprint’ processes where design becomes predictable. 

We are conceptually driven where the idea leads and the styling follows. As in life, experience tells us that a good foundation and education determines the outcome for all that follows. 

Working together

Involves —

Hands on
Total transparency
Mutual development
Same path

First and foremost, at Studio Squire we feel lucky to be in an industry that allows us to have fun and be creative every day and we have a strong belief that as a client you should be able to experience that with us. 

Relaxed and inviting environments make for good working relationships as it is important that we travel on this journey together and on the same path. 


Involves —

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Communication platforms
Social media platforms

Brand strategy sounds so ‘large’ and ‘expensive’. However it’s just a term given to the base level (foundation sounds so heavy) of your brand. 

Through our extensive experience in this field we have developed processes that can be applied to both small and large brands. So no matter how small you are you can still feel that you are all getting everything the big players pay for.  It’s purely a personal question of how deep you want to go. 


Involves —

Brand development 
Visual identity
Tone of voice
Concept design


The term branding comes from an old Nors word ‘brandr’ (to burn), generally referring to the branding of livestock. 

This stage involves just that, developing and designing your visual and tonal identity (red hot poker) in order to burn it into every piece of communicative material that you produce. 


Involves —

Web design
Social media
Spatial design
Art direction
and of course… tote bags


Now that we have all the hard work done, and we have your brand all packaged up, it’s time to release it into the world. 

Through the years we have built up a trusted and talented network of like minded creatives that we work with to deliver bespoke solutions to all touchpoints possible.