Marc Mirren — Digitally focused visual identity for marc mirren, a digitally led e-commerce jewellery brand.




Involved —

Strategic platform
Digital design
Art direction

Marc Mirren are a digitally led e-commerce jewellery brand. Many of their competitors base themselves around similar models, using social media and influencers as one of their core sources of marketing. Since they started the markets have changed and the models Marc Mirren were originally founded upon, both strategically and visually were no longer producing the desired effects. I was asked to develop their brand platform with a focus on shifting their customers opinion of the market.

Marc Mirrens objective at the time was to become more inclusive towards it’s customers in terms of appealing to all gender types. Whilst becoming more exclusive in terms of their offering and their products. The idea was to create a brand that could shift together with constantly moving trends. In order to do this the identity was based around product stories, rather than trying to fit all products within the same framework.

Marc Mirren are now a company with the appearance of a brand that is void of obvious business models and one that stands apart from its competitors in terms of its visual appearance. High quality imagery and modern design lift not only the product offering but also reflect their attitudes to forever fluctuating market trends.