Crumbs — beer from bread, brilliant! An identity for Sweden’s first bread beer.




Involved —

Identity design

Sweden as a nation throw away over 200 tonnes of bread every day. That’s 72 slices a second. Crumbs is a beer that takes some of that waste and turns it into beer.We were asked to design a packaging concept and identity that would elevate the story behind Crumbs, the reasons for its existence and it’s greater mission.

The market is overloaded with trendy beer brands right now, and it would have been an easy route to follow, create some uber cool trendy label that all the beer hipsters could fall in love with. But in this case that approach wouldn’t work.

The idea was to design an identity that appealed to the masses rather than the individual. Crumbs are first and foremost about spreading awareness of the terrible food waste model that we currently follow, and secondly about producing lovely quality beer.

The graphic profile is one of simplicity and one that resonates with all types of people from the hipster beer lover to the occasional beer drinker at a weekend bbq.